Our Vision

Our vision as a business platform is to continuously deliver innovative design products from all over the world to bring beauty and grace to the everyday lives of our customers.

Our focus is on the tremendous and exciting Chinese market, in which millions of consumers are seeking a better lifestyle — and paying to obtain it.
upper middle class Chinese

Since our launch, we've worked directly with over 300 design studios and global brands, including Fortune 500 companies such as Haier, Samsung, and Huawei. With more than twenty location worldwide JIAE discovers the newest trends and invented products and provides them to the upper middle class Chinese customers in the first place.

Our Distribution Channels

In order to fulfil our vision we are using a creative combination of digital and offline marketing and distribution channels, including www.jd.com, www.tmall.com, shopping malls, retail stores, specialty stores, and the twenty largest banks in China spread all over the country. We cultivate and grow online user communities via social media. We have strategic partnerships with traditional and digital media, including the largest online video company and cable TV channels in China. Each of these channels has hundreds of millions of active users and viewers.

Our Events

Wettbewerb “China Smart Sport”

Together with CCTV and China national sport ministry, we successfully hosted the competition “China Smart Sport”, which is considered as the biggest stage for innovative smart products and inventors in China.

Duux air purifier

We successfully introduced a brand new innovative product from Netherland to chinese market. Within 10 days we reached a sales record of 1million RMB.


On 9th October 2015, Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken visited our company and tested diverse innovative products from US, Germany, Korea and China.

Deputy mayor of Shanghai Zhou, Bo is highly interested in the Jiaes develop ment and visited our office on 28th May 2015.

Our Story

In 2004, Yu Guo was chief designer at Baidu, China’s top search engine. His blog, Crazy Design, described design ideas from all over the world and was extremely popular, with well over a hundred million visits.

He observed both a designer community exploding with ideas and a consumer market wanting to experience beautiful designs, and he recognized the challenge of enabling designers to turn innovative design ideas into real products that can scale and serve millions of consumers.

That challenge brought Yu Guo and Deymon Chen together as Executive MBA students at Columbia Business School and led to the creation of Jiae, a delivery vehicle for innovative design products.

Yu Guo

Deymon Chen

Contact Us

We’re always looking for ambitious partners worldwide, who believe in innovation and quality, who want to successfully launch their brands and who want to share their brilliant ideas.

For any business inquiries, please contact: oversea@jiae.com