With roots in the Napa Valley, Soiréehome started its business with the Soirée wine decanter. Now Soiréehome has an expanded collection of innovative housewares and barware that are designed to make entertaining more fun. Soiréehome is dedicated to producing clever and fun housewares that are developed with sincerity to deliver a heightened appreciation for food and beverage.

We’re out to teach the growing foodie community about making, serving and enjoying fine beverage. Driven by a passion for the science & legacy that define contemporary culture and hosting traditions, we create functional re-imaginations of housewares. And we’re so thrilled that Jiae team is bringing our innovative housewares and barware to the China market to serve you.

Our Products

Soirée  ¥162.9
Bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator

The only in-bottle glass wine aerator, the true gourmet choice.

Makes any wine taste better as you pour - works for both red and white wines.

New proprietary borosilicate strengthened glass blend New 5-ring gasket to fit almost any wine bottle

Drying rack/stand included


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Luxurious Travel Case  ¥260.9

Designed for the gourmet on-the-go
Makes any wine taste better as you pour - works for both red and white wines

Made of proprietary borosilicate glass blend Is extremely durable
Custom cabiner zipper fits over the neck of a wine bottle for easy gifting

Only wine accessory featured by Zagat and winner of 7-way wine aerator blind-tasting


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Dimple Refills  ¥163

for Pint and Stemless Dimple Glasses

Made from food safe freezer gel
Incorporates colorful drink markers with the assorted silicone bases

Use for both the pint and stemless glasses

Includes: 1 blue, 1 green, 1 white, and 1 orange


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Dimple  ¥326

Self-chilling Stemless Wine Glasses

Elegantly Keeps Beverages Cold For About 30 Minutes
Insulated Hand Grip Is Easy To Hold And Keeps Hands From Being Cold

Built-In Silicone Coaster Keeps Your Furniture Safe and Makes Coasters Obsolete

Easily Maintains A Magnetic Connection Between The Base And The Freezer-Safe Chilling Dimple

Includes: Set of Two (2) 22oz Self-Chilling Stemless Wine Glasses With Two (2) Freezable Dimples


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Dimple  ¥326

Self-chilling Beer Glasses

Preserve the taste of your drink, as there is no melting ice or stones altering flavor

Soft silicone insulated handgrip and built-in magnetic coaster
Great gift : for beer, bloody mary's, smoothies, juices, craft soda, coconut water, guinness, etc.

Includes: Gift box contains 2 x Self-Chilling Pint Glasses and 2 x Dimple Re-Freezable Chilling Cones


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Stopair  ¥130.5

All-in-one Bottle Stopper and Vacuum Preserver

Used to extend the life and flavor of wine, olive oil, ports, spirits, and any substance that can tarnish with exposure to oxygen

Most convenient and practical wine stopper and preserver on the market today

Gently insert stopair into the bottle and pump 10-20 times to remove excess air

Combination stopper & vacuum preserver


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Stainless Steel  ¥228.5

chilling spheres with matching metallic
stirring rods

Keep any beverage cold without watering it down [Iceless and flavorless stainless steel]

Tilt chilling spheres are center-weighted, so they always sit right-side-up. Designed to never roll out of your glass
A sophisticated gourmet replacement for ice cubes

More elegant and easier to use than whiskey stones, ice spheres and other gimmicky drink-chillers

Includes: two (2) stainless steel chilling spheres, two (2) metallic stirrer/garnishing sticks and two (2) silicone bases


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Soiréehome Tempour  ¥326

Tempour is a modular system for ultimate beverage control Chill, refine, & pour drip-free with ease

Includes a stainless steel pourer, sediment filter, re-freezable gel filled chiller & silicon bottle stopper
Not just for wine!

Stainless steel = pure flavor

Includes: All-in-1 Wine Pourer + Chiller + Filter + Stopper


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Wine Chilling Rods  ¥163

Accessory chilling rods allow you to chill any bottled wine when attached to 'Tempour' wine pourer

Exclusively designed for the already versatile & modular 'Tempour' wine pourer

Two unique lengths of chilling rods allow you to chill both standard-sized bottles and shorter bottles
Incredibly simple to use - Just freeze, attach to 'Tempour' wine pourer and insert into bottle
A more elegant solution for chilling wine and other beverages

Includes: 2 sizes for shorter & regular bottles

Notice: pourer sold separately


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Tempour Deluxe Gift Set  ¥489

Give the gift of serving a perfect bottle everytime & anytime Aerate, preserve, chill, filter & drink excellence with his modern kit of wine & spirit enhancers

Improves taste and preserves quality

Gift ready in a luxurious white box

Great for wine, champagne, aperitifs, spirits, and sake

Includes: Soirée In-Bottle Wine Aerator、 Tempour Chilling Stick、Filter、Stopair Vacuum Stopper、Drying Rack


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